The Hopkinton Public Schools Foundation

The Hopkinton Public Schools Foundation

One of the most significant reasons I have appreciated working in our fine town of Hopkinton is that there is a strong commitment to public education, PK-12. Yes, property taxes are substantial and we may not always agree exactly on what and how much should be funded. But, nearly all of us agree on the importance of public education while supporting our schools with our wallets, heart, and time.

In that spirit, the Hopkinton Public Schools Foundation (HPSF) has been forming for a few years and is about to go public with their work. This is a 501(c) non-profit organization whose stated mission is to enhance community support for public education in Hopkinton, NH; we invest in the growth and development of the whole child by funding programs and initiatives that cannot otherwise be supported by available public resources.  

The HPSF has four goals:

•       Enrichment

•       Innovation

•       Opportunity Gap

•       Whole Child

The Foundation will be a great option if you’re looking to donate to our schools and over time, it is likely that your children will greatly benefit from their work. The HPSF Board is full of dedicated Hopkinton residents with a real heart for our community. You will hear much more about the work of the Foundation soon including a kick-off event, a new website, and an easy way to donate. I’ll pass along details right here in the Scoop in an upcoming edition. 

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