Important HMS Safety Reminders

Important HMS Safety Reminders

• Clearly, we have too many cars and not enough parking spaces. This is not surprising as HMS has its highest student population in our history. Please do not park along the side of the road the buses use in the morning as this could potentially block access for buses.

• We are trying to build independence in our kindergarten students. Now that the calendar is turning to October, start allowing your child to walk down to the playground by themselves. You can begin this process by increasing the amount of distance day by day.

• We really can’t allow parents to stay on the playground for an extended period of time with the rest of the students due to security reasons, unless they are employees of course.

• As much as possible, utilize the drop-off procedure but when you do, please be sure you do not go around the line.

• Please do not drive around the circle by the flag pole until after the students are in the building.

Thanks so much. I’m trying to make sure that we maintain a friendly HMS atmosphere while balancing the need for safety. If you have questions or concerns with any of this, please call (746-3473) or email me (

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