A Note Regarding Prescription Medicine:

Dear Parents,

In order for prescription medications to be given at school, a
written statement or an order from the physician’s office must
accompany the medication. The physician’s statement must contain the

- The student’s name
- The physician’s or other licensed prescriber’s signature and
phone number
- The name, route and dosage of the medication
- The frequency and time of administration
- The date of the order

This applies to daily medications and occasional or as needed
medications, such as inhalers and antibiotics.

An adult must deliver the medication to Harold Martin School in a
labeled prescription bottle with the student’s name and prescription
information. Any medications sent in plastic bags, envelopes, or
other containers, even if labeled by a parent cannot be given at

Any changes to an order, such as a new dosage, will require a new
physician order.

Medications will be kept in the nurse’s office and may not be carried
in a student’s backpack, lunchbox, etc.

Forms are available at HMS to bring to your doctor, or a form from
the physician’s office is acceptable.

The Harold Martin School fax number is 746-6803 and my email address
is if you have any questions. Thank you.


Sheila Conley, R.N.
Harold Martin School

THE CRUCIAL SCHOOL NURSE  (written by Bill Carozza)

I want to recognize a crucial element of our school that is
often taken for granted. I?ll give you a hint: this professional
shares a wall with my office, handles major medical
emergencies as well as minor cuts and bruises, gives hugs
to kiddos who need a brief time out, and advocates for a safe
building. She?s a Yankees fan, has three children, and has worked as an Emergency
Room nurse before coming to Harold Martin.

Of course, we?re speaking of Sheila Conley, R.N., HMS
School Nurse. I bring this to your attention because the
National Association of School Nurses, Inc. has proclaimed
May 12, 2010 as “School Nurse Day” to recognize the work of
school nurses and to help communities develop a better
understanding of the school nurse in the educational setting.

Here?s some statistics: There are more than 500 School
Nurses in New Hampshire. Half of these professionals have
bachelors degrees and as many as 15% have masters
degrees. About half of the NH nurses have over 20 years
experience in the field. Although many are L.P.N.?s we are
fortunate in Hopkinton to have Registered Nurses in all three

I hope you realize the variety of issues that Sheila and other
school nurses deal with daily. Here?s the formal definition of
school nursing from the National Association, that provides
some insight: “School nursing is a specialized practice of
professional nursing that advances the well being, academic
success, and life-long achievement of students. To that end,
school nurses facilitate positive student responses to normal
development; promote health and safety, intervene with
actual and potential health problems; provide case
management services; and actively collaborate with others to
build student and family capacity for adaptation, self
management, self advocacy, and learning.”

What do I see on a daily basis? I observe Sheila helping
students cope with developmental, situational, social, and
emotional problems. She keeps track of attendance, consults
with staff on special health related issues, and assists with
students who have special educational and physical needs.
Nationwide, over 30% of children under the age of 18 years
have one or more chronic health conditions. These kids are
dependent on daily medication, or special diets for normal
function.  Very often, Sheila will advocate for individual
needs of children and help families find solutions.

Another important function for school nurses is screening for
potential vision, hearing, and physical problems. In addition,
nurses take an active role in making sure that students are
well nourished and adequately immunized.

In short, Sheila and her colleagues at Maple Street and the
Middle High School are an integral part of the educational
team. Mark your calendar for May 12, 2010 “School Nurse
Day” and thank Sheila and any other School Nurse you know
for their talent and hard work.


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I produced a back to school information video that provides more details on HMS recommended back to school plan:Click here for the video.Click here for the video's accompanying slides.These are the time stamps for different sections of the video:Introduction:  0:00Building of the Plan: 4:00Schedule K-3: 6:42
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Click here for HMS Summer Learning Resources.
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If you have a yahoo or AOL account, it is unlikely that you are receiving any emails via our district email lists due to those companies blocking us. Please consider sending Mr. Carozza a different email address so we can sign you up for any school email lists. Thank you. 
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